Containers can be used for various purposes, not only for storage, but also to create manufacturing or even living facilities. There are eco-friendly and fast options for any type of building. We provide basic, sanitary, customised and modular containers. From the design to the final detailed construction – we will fulfil your needs.

Basic container


Our modules come in various standard sizes and can be insulated with selected materials or facade combinations. Flat packs are standard containers that are disassembled to save on transportation costs in the case of long distances, and are ready for quick assembly on site. A truck can transport from 6 to 8 containers. The assembly can easily be completed in 4 hours with interchangeable wall segments.


Sanitary containers are made and delivered with functional equipment. In most cases, sanitary containers are combined with offices and accommodation containers, or are provided as separate premises. Sanitary containers can include various types of internal partitions, toilet seats, handrails for disabled users, urinals, boilers, wash basins and a PVC piping system. The sanitary constructions are delivered as ready-made containers.

Public toilets in Nida, Lithuania
Sanitary rooms in refugees town, Germany
Toilets in Raudondvaris, Lithuania


Our custom-made container systems are perfect for those clients who want an exceptional product. It could consist of a heavy-duty industrial module, or a house, created by our designer for the use of an individual. The modules can be made from scratch in the APASTEEL factory, or a shipping container can be re-designed to become a brand new kitchen, laundry or another mobile building. Your needs are the basis of our solutions.

Power Generator
Temporary office, Lithuania
Boiler house
Customs post
Office in Vilnius
Refugee housing
Smart mountain cabin
Smart tool rental
Viada gas station


Our demountable or fully-welded modular container structures allow many units to be joined together to create a variety of facilities such as: schools, offices, healthcare centres, clinics, places of worship, laundry areas, recreational spaces, toilets and showers, dining halls and other social facilities. These containers can be easily used in other areas after the initial usage on the primary project.

Accomodation unit, Finland
Gariūnai boiler house office, Vilnius, Lithuania
Military base, Rukla, Lithuania