Steel frame constructions are the perfect solution for many buildings: e.g. warehouses, shops, factories and many more. We provide a varied range of steel frames that are covered with PVC and other materials to ensure longevity.


Sandwich panel buildings are our most common product in Scandinavia. We provide a full range of services such as the design, production and assembly of these structures. The products include: sandwich panels (filled with rock wool, EPS or polyurethane); rainwater systems; windows, doors and gates, etc. The buildings can be equipped with an entrance, fire escape or automatic doors, as well as lighting and ventilation systems. We also offer the possibility to choose the colours, dimensions and even the supplier that a client prefers.

Alta Airport, Norway
Egersund warehouse, Lithuania
Eggum hangar, Norway
Hangar, Lithuania
Hangar, Norway
Honningsvag, Norway
Milk procesing warehouse, Lithuania
Truck garage, Oslo, Norway
Truck service, Oslo, Norway


Tinplate hangars are metal constructions with a galvanised zinc coating. The side walls are covered with contoured plates, while the roof is covered by a load-bearing fabric. The galvanized tin walls will protect your goods not only from precipitation, but also from intruders. The outside of the structure is coated with an anti-corrosion layer that will remain practically impregnable for an unlimited period of time. Sliding tinplate gates and doors will allow you easy access to the hangar.

Agricultural warehouse, Lithuania
Agriculture hangar, Lithuania
Egersund factory, Lithuania
Hangar, Norway
Recycling hangar, Norway
Vegetable warehouse, Norway


We provide a complete range of designs and produce steelwork according to the needs of our clients. The weight of the steel structures is optimised with regard to the area and the use of the building. We also offer traditional tent-shaped storage halls, made from easy-to-assemble steel frames and covered with PVC. The wind and snow loads are compatible with the requirements of a specific location.

Storage unit, Norway
Warehouse, Norway


We offer a wide range of metal frame solutions ranging from custom-made small profile steelwork, to large steel frames for buildings or the mass production of standard steel designs.

Egersund staircase, Lithuania
Park railing, Lithuania

Railings for business center, Lithuania

Smoke pipes support, Lithuania
Staircase and hall, Lithuania

Windows protection and railings, Lithuania